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About Us

Founded by Murat Sayın, Sayın Law&Consulting is an İstanbul based (incorporated) full-service law firm offering high quality and solution oriented legal service in a professional business manner to corporations, persons and investors operating in a broad range of industries.

Sayın Law&Consulting’s professional team consists of expert lawyers and support personnel, all of whom are experienced in their area, bilingual and have studied at recognized law schools in Turkey and/or abroad. Sayın Law&Consulting’s young and dynamic team follows legal advancements and developments day by day to provide the best legal service to its clients and informs them regarding such advancements and developments.

Client Focused Service

Our professional team always works together with our clients by providing regular reports regarding the legal actions and executions; keeping them informed regarding all the progresses. We are aware of the fact that keeping our clients’ rights and claims safe, is the top priority.

Best Possible Solution

Every legal need of a client is met with the best possible solution under the Sayın Law&Consulting’s roof. We achieve this by following the legal advancements and the current situations of business life day to day and analyzing them for the most pragmatic and long-term solutions.

Fast and Effective Service

Besides our main office in İstanbul, we have collaborations all around Turkey. These include Ankara the capital city of Turkey; İzmir, the trade center of west and Antalya, the capital city of tourism. With these collaboration all around Turkey, we provide the fastest and most effective solutions to our clients.

Top Level Secrecy

Every piece of information given to us by our clients, is considered as a trade secret within our confidentiality policy. Our professional work understanding sees confidentiality obligation as a basis for client-lawyer interactions.

Full-Time Service

Legal advices regarding the risks encountered during business life, litigation services that are carried forward precisely and cautiously on every step, execution proceedings which are approached with great care to ensure that the progress proceeds fast and easily and also arbitration and negotiation services which are the future methods of settling disputes, are all provided under the roof of Sayın Law&Consulting.

Technology is a part of our Work

Sayın Law&Consulting follows technological advancements daily, makes use of the best available software programs to track legal precedents accurately and has all the needed infrastructure for this purpose.