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Data Protection

In today’s our modern world, the most valuable asset of societies has become “data”. The information society process, which continues exponentially with the spread of the internet, has brought with it many legal problems. As a result of this, it began to primarily damage fundamental rights and freedoms. Therefore, making legal regulations on the protection of personal data has become essential and one of the important reasons for making regulations is the increase of violations. 

There was an amendment on Constitution, with the clause added to the Constitution, the ‘Right to Protect Personal Data’ has become a constitutional guarantee, and then on 24.03.2016 the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”) and this right have been adopted by a special regulation and published in the Official Gazette on 07.04.2016. KVKK aims to prevent the violation of personal rights as a result of unlimited and irrelevant collection of personal data, access, disclosure or misuse of unauthorized persons.

Personal data and regulations that found their place in almost all areas also concerned commercial relations, and the sanctions imposed led to the formation of audit mechanisms. Therefore, taking measures in both legal and technical terms has become a necessity for the protection of personal data.

As Sayın Law & Consulting, our primary legal services in this field are: 

  • Finalizing the Personal Data Protection Law compliance project in order to fulfill the required obligations within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law,
  • Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-Regulation), which stipulates additional regulations for the European Union,, 
  • Preparing protocols for international data transfer and conducting compliance procedures with affiliated companies,
  • Preparation and / or revision of contracts in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law,
  • Providing in-company lectures for the relevant departments for Data Controllers,
  • Carrying out all Data Controllers Registry (“VERBIS”) processes for companies that are obliged to register in VERBIS.

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