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Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

As Sayın Law & Consulting, we represent our clients in pending cases in national and international arbitration institutions.Our team, which is experienced in the field of arbitration, carries out arbitration cases, mainly in areas such as Energy, Finance, Construction, within the scope of Continental European and Anglo-Saxon legal systems, and successfully represents our clients in the field of recognition and execution of arbitration and court decisions in Turkey.

In order to carry out the process in the best way and manage the possible risks in the works, and transactions to be carried out according to the field of activity of our clients in Turkey or abroad, the necessary transactions are carried out professionally, especially the agreements regarding the dispute resolution, before and after the dispute, and the process is carried out in the best way managed by the Sayın Law & Consulting team.

Sayın Law & Consulting provides mediation services from the beginning to the end of local arbitration proceedings conducted in centres such as ISTAC, ITOTAM and arbitration proceedings before the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (“ICSID”) and, if necessary, before the arbitration application process. Our team, experienced in the field of arbitration and dispute resolution, carries out the relevant process meticulously and plans each step appropriately from the mediation stage to the conclusion of the dispute and provides the necessary legal support to its clients.

Sayın Law & Consulting

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