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Commercial and Corporate Law

Labor law, consisting of laws and secondary legislation regulating our work and business life, regulates the rights and obligations of both the employee and the employer, as well as their relations with the public, especially Social Security. As Sayın Law & Consulting, we provide legal consultancy and training services to our clients regarding all legal regulations and practices that are binding on the employer. We provide result-oriented and preventive legal services to our clients ‘ human resources departments, taking into account the operational requirements related to the implementation of legal legislation. In this context, we mainly provide the following services to our clients.

  • Examination, regulation, preparation of internal disciplinary directive 
  • Examination, regulation and preparation of employment contracts 
  • Legal consultancy in termination processes of employment contracts
  • Legal services on mediation and litigation stages and employee-employer disputes
  • Consultancy on Social Security Law 
  • Preparation of defense request, warning, termination notifications,
  • Providing updated information in line with legislative changes,
  • Providing trainings on liabilities arising in accordance with Labor Law and Social Security legislation,
  • Consultancy on legal obligations and criminal responsibilities in terms of occupational accidents and professional diseases.

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