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Consumer Law

Within the scope of Law No. 6502 on Protection of the Consumer, as Sayın Law & Consulting, we provide support in the field of Consumer Law, especially in the transport and logistics sectors, in the protection of consumer rights, follow-up of cases in Consumer and Commercial Courts, resolution of disputes arising from defective goods and services, application to the Consumer Arbitration Committee, objection to its decisions and follow-up of decisions.

Sayın Law & Consulting provides legal services in every field that both consumers and manufacturers, importers or sellers need within the scope of the Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumer.

As Sayın Law & Consulting, we provide services in all matters falling within the scope of consumer rights law; applying to the Consumer Arbitration Committee and taking the necessary related actions in case the request is accepted, and in case of rejection, filing and pursuing a lawsuit before the Consumer Courts. In this context, our litigation and consultancy service topics in the field of Consumer Law are;

  • Services for compliance with consumer rights legislation;
  • Informing about customer relations, standard contracts;
  • Preparation of warranty documents, labels and commitments;
  • Subscription systems and maintenance and support networks;
  • Dealership and distributorship relations;
  • Evaluation of consumer demands and resolution of disputes;
  • Applying to the Arbitration Committee in favor of consumers;
  • Litigation and follow-up in consumer court;
  • Litigation in consumer courts on issues related to external real estate sales.

Sayın Law & Consulting

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