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Energy Law

The fact that energy term is an inseparable part of our lives is undeniable. Energy, by its nature, continues its dynamism, starting with fossil energy sources in the past and continuing with the change and development of renewable energy sources today. In line with the increasing need for energy every day, it is inevitable that the activities of the production, distribution, supply, storage, transmission and transmission of energy to the final consumer shall increase. In the face of the intensification of these activities and the increase in social importance, it was essential to organize these activities and to establish a system of regulation that would take care of the public interest by the state hand. In this context, in our country, as in other countries, ensuring that energy is delivered to consumers in the most advantageous way in a competitive environment is considered a duty to be performed by the hands of the social state. Energy, which has a significant value in terms of both social benefit and economic value due to its importance, is protected by both administrative and criminal sanctions within the framework of all kinds of laws.

In the market regulated by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) in our country, the Petroleum Market Legislation, Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) Market Legislation, Natural Gas Market Legislation and Electricity Market Legislation are the primary legislation determining the rights and obligations of the market stakeholders in the sector. At the same time, fuel station operators engaged in the sale of products that considered dangerous is also engaged by Work Safety and environmental legislation. In addition to this, as an employer, it is closely related to Labour Laws, Law on the Protection of the Consumer and its underlying responsibilities within the scope of consumer regulations and as a trading company, it is closely related to Commercial Law, Law on Obligations and countless legislations. 

Along with these Energy Law has gained more importance with the opening of all energy markets to the private sector, especially since the beginning of the 21st century, with all its fields, the supply and distribution, and at the same time that the sector players began to be audited by the regulatory authority. With this different identity, “energy law” and the needs of companies active in the energy markets has increased the need for legal expert. The importance of this new branch of law in order to adapt to the constantly updating legislation and precedent judicial decisions is better understood when it is taken into account that these living and vibrant four markets are part of our lives and their relationship with each other.

We provide legal consultancy services to our domestic and foreign clients operating in the field of energy, regarding their investments and all transactions in this field with a sectoral perspective in resolving the disputes they encounter

The services we provide in the field of Energy Law;

  • Providing information and preventive legal services to clients operating in the oil, LPG, natural gas and electricity markets,
  • All kinds of license applications, renewals, amendments and transfers related to the energy market; permit applications, management and finalization of permit processes,
  • Carrying out all kinds of procedures regarding the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, resolving any dispute that may arise; Submission of defenses and litigation processes for the cancellation of administrative fines,
  •  Market auctions, purchase-sale, sales and connection agreements, restructuring projects; Coordinating situations such as merger, demerger, change of title and type of energy companies with regulatory authorities,
  • Conducting and finalizing all kinds of litigation, dispute and dispute resolution processes that companies operating in the energy markets and mining sector may be a party to, within the scope of market requirement,
  • Establishing a dealership with fuel stations, preparing all kinds of contracts necessary in this regard and resolving any disputes that may arise,
  • Providing legal advice on financing energy projects,
  • Preparation, negotiation and execution of Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) for the joint ventures that domestic and / or foreign entrepreneurs want to establish,
  • Preparation, negotiation and execution of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) by providing legal consultancy services for electricity market legislation,
  • Preparation, negotiation and execution of Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)
  • Preparation of reports based on the acquisition, purchase or legal review of energy companies and / or energy facilities,


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