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Sayın Law & Consulting represents major national and international energy operators and manufacturers and distributors in this sector in many areas. In our country, within the framework of the Petroleum Market legislation, LPG Market Legislation, Natural Gas Market legislation and Electricity Market legislation in the market regulated by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (“EPDK”) and the primary legislation determining the rights and obligations of the market stakeholders related to these areas, legal consultancy services are provided to our clients and our clients are informed by our team by continuously following the developments.

As Sayın Law & Consulting, which has been a leader in the fields of “Energy Law” and the needs of companies active in the energy markets since its establishment, we provide legal consultancy services to our clients regarding their investments and all transactions in the field of energy, as well as the resolution of disputes they encounter.


In this context, our litigation and consultancy service titles in the field of Energy Law are;

  • Providing information and preventive legal services to clients operating in the Petroleum, LPG, Natural Gas and Electricity markets;
  • All kinds of license applications, renewals, amendments and transfers related to the energy market; permit applications, management and finalization of permit processes;
  • Performing all kinds of procedures with the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, resolving any disputes that may arise, presenting defenses and following the litigation processes for the annulment of administrative fines;
  • Market auctions, buy-sell, sale and connection agreements, restructuring projects; coordinating situations such as the merger, division, change of title and type of energy companies with regulatory agencies;
  • Execution and conclusion of all kinds of lawsuits, disputes and dispute resolution processes to which companies operating in the energy markets and mining sector may be a party, within the scope of market requirements;
  • Establishing a dealership relationship with fuel stations, preparing all kinds of contracts necessary in this regard and resolving any disputes that may arise;
  • Legal advice on financing energy projects;
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing a Joint Operating Agreement (JOA);
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA);
  • Drafting, negotiating and executing Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC);
  • Preparation of due diligence reports on mergers and acquisitions of energy companies.

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