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Information and Technology Law

Our experience in EU Law is passed onto our clients and especially in the services that are given to our clients who are subsidiaries of companies setup inside the European Union, and a smooth transition is provided on the regulations that are transferred to Turkish Law on EU guidance. 

The IT sector is subject to strict regulations with legislation and is constantly developing. It also creates new obligations in terms of being open to regulatory needs and brings about the need for stricter follow-up of legislation. Our team of experienced and expert lawyers ensures that legal problems are solved rapidly and effectively.

We provide a wide variety of services on our clients projects which include the areas of legislation, contracts, licensing, intellectual property rights, e-commerce, dispute resolution and taxes while keeping track of trends which lead the information sector. As Sayın Law & Consulting, we provide strategic counsel on legislation and sectoral developments as well as planning, developing, financing and public relations processes. As Sayin Law & Consulting, our main services in this field are:

  • Preparation, examination and regulation of the agreements such as software license agreements, maintenance and support agreements etc. 
  • Obtaining copyrights for software’s 
  • Protection of personal data within the scope of information technology and determination of obligations to be fulfilled in accordance with the legislation in this direction 
  • Settlement of any disputes and disputes arising in this context 

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