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Information Technology Law

With the increase in the use of the Internet, the transactions made over the information systems have also developed and the usage area has expanded. Therefore, disputes over the internet and the use of information systems have increased. In addition, as Sayın Law & Consulting, it is our ultimate goal to answer the questions arising from our clients in terms of new regulations in terms of developing and growing IT law and to resolve disputes. You can reach a solution quickly and effectively with our expert lawyer staff. Our team has been formed on the application of the IT law and other IT-related laws and will answer your questions and problems that may arise.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of informatics, including information technology law, exemptions, exceptions, licensing, e-commerce, content removal, closing fake social media accounts, defamation crime, online fraud and tax areas. Our office provides strategic consultancy services regarding planning, development, financing and public relations processes, as well as following the legislation and sectoral developments and structuring the necessary information in this direction for our clients who have studies in the IT sector and who want to work in this sector and develop their business in this field.


In this context, our litigation and consultancy service topics in the field of Information Technologies Law are;

  • Preparation, examination and regulation of software license agreements, maintenance and support agreements, etc. and providing support in legal disputes arising from these issues,
  • Obtaining copyrights to the software;
  • Protection of personal data within the scope of information technology and determination of obligations to be fulfilled in accordance with the legislation;
  • Resolution of all kinds of disputes and disputes that may arise in this context

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