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International Law and Citizenship Law

Sayın Law & Consulting contributes to the activities of the private sector and government institutions for the development of Turkey’s international economic relations and the promotion of business and investment opportunities at home and abroad. We provide Turkish law services to our foreign clients from all over the world; We also support our Turkish clients in their international commercial relations through foreign lawyers and law offices that we are in contact with.

Sayın Law & Consulting provides a multifaceted and unique legal consultancy service in the field of International Law, including the initiation and execution of transactions in Turkey, ensuring compliance with Turkish and/or home country legislation, and the resolution of international commercial disputes of Turkish and/or foreign clients. In the field of Citizenship Law, carriying out all kinds of processes especially within the scope of obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreigners through investment; real estate legal examination and purchase, preparation, examination and finalisation of citizenship application documents; opening bank accounts, obtaining tax numbers; applying for Turkish identity cards and passports.


In this context, our litigation and consultancy services in the field of International Law and Citizenship Law are;

  • Making, following and finalizing the citizenship application procedures of foreigners who want to acquire Turkish Citizenship through general procedure or through marriage within the scope of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901.
  • Making the necessary applications and finalizing the process for the acquisition of citizenship through investment or employment creation (exceptionally) regulated in Article 20 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901,
  • Within the scope of Value Added Tax Law No. 3065, subparagraph 13/i, making, following up and concluding the application for exemption from value added tax, which foreigners who are not resident in Turkey are liable to pay in their real estate purchases in Turkey,
  • Subsequent reapplication for citizenship in the process of loss of Turkish citizenship in accordance with Article 21 of the Turkish Citizenship Law based on the non-use of the optional right or the permission to renounce Turkish citizenship,
  • Making, following up and finalizing work permit, work permit extension applications for foreigners planned to be employed in Turkey, including foreigners to be employed by legal entities subject to the Foreign Direct Investment Law,
  • Making, following up and concluding applications for Short-Term Residence Permit, Family Residence Permit, Student Residence Permit, Long-Term Residence Permit, which are types of residence permits within the scope of Article 30 of the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458,
  • Making, following up and finalizing the residence permit, residence permit extension applications of foreigners who want to live in Turkey,
  • Following and concluding the cases of expulsion from the national territory, obligation to leave the region, refusal of residence permit, refusal to renew the residence permit.

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