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Transportation and Logistics

Our country facilitates both national and global transportation by air, land, and sea. In resolving disputes related to transportation, certain practices and laws are in place within the framework of current legislation and case-laws applied, particularly in land transportation, which is the most preferred mode. However, global practices are frequently used in sea and air transportation.

In the field of logistics and transportation law, the CMR law is a significant aspect to consider. The CMR law comprises a set of rules and a contract that must be adhered to during transportation and trade on highways. It was accepted at the meeting held in Geneva in 1956. As a legal consultancy firm, Sayın Law & Consulting provides services to national and global companies in issuing contracts, legal consultancy, and litigation.


In this context, our litigation and consultancy services in the field of Transportation and Logistics include:

  • Buying and selling transactions;
  • Port and customs procedures;
  • Ship registry;
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements such as shipbuilding, replacement, and repair;
  • Cargo disputes (cargo compensation);
  • Insurance, Insurance Obligation, Insurance Tariff Disputes in Passenger Transport;
  • Disputes Arising from CMR, FCR, TTK Transport Legislation Provisions;
  • Disputes, Delays, Losses arising from Contracts of Carriage;
  • Logistics Services and Disputes;
  • Liability Insurance, Passenger compensation;
  • Recovery, Conflict;
  • Transportation contracts.

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